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// REDACTED // is a single-player TTRPG based on the game plot ARMOR by Orion D. Black. It's inspired by media such as the films Atomic Blonde, John Wick, Gone Girl, and the Bourne series, and TV such as Alias.

In // REDACTED // you play an AGENT on a deadly MISSION. They’ll get what they want and damn the consequences. After all, consequences don’t matter if you’re dead.

To play, you’ll need 1d6 (one six sided die), and a journal. Play can be completed in 1-2 hours in one sitting, or over several sessions of play.

Included are the game, a black & white version, and a single-column sepia toned version with larger text for accessibility. If the price of this game is a hardship for you, or you would like a plain text version of the game, please email me at quantumdotdot @ gmail.com.

Music Inspirations:
Dissolved Girl - Massive Attack
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Control - Poe


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Fantastic game  especially for a short session make sure to play some of the songs listed in the inspirations & acknowledgements section while you're at it 

 and always remember this is your last mission whether you like it or not 

Thank you so much for the kind comment, I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! (And that you liked the music listed!)

I appreciate this so much, you made my day

I started a game of this on the train yesterday and am loving it, only on scene 4 at the moment.  One thing I did think about are that there aren't that many prompts which could lead to a repetition of themes in the entries (i.e how many times can the AGENT find a higher purpose or be betrayed by somebody they know etc) however, I am going to carry on and see where things go.

But I think if you did plan on a v2 or an update maybe a deck of cards approach to add variety.

I may end up disagreeing with my own comment here when I go back and finish up so I will come back here later on.

My story so far involves a burnt out agent from the UK beached in Tokyo keeping an eye on the Yakuza in the mid 1980s being contacted by his old colleague who reveals he is a double agent who has discovered a industrialist with ties to both the east and west intends to wipe out both sides of the Cold War so they can take over under a corporate government.

how can i get a community copy

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I just added some more copies, so you should be able to claim one now! Thanks for letting me know they were all claimed.

Thanks again